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Safe Accessories

Safe Accessories

The Safe Place offers a wide range of safe accessories including dehumidifiers, pistol holders, pistol racks, Sack-Ups, Safe Cabinets, Full Interior Light Kits, easy clip-on battery operated lights, and more.

Dehumidifiers - Dehumidifiers are essential for safes. Overtime a safe will develop moisture inside potentially causing damage or rust to your valuables and weapons. Placing a dehumidifier like a Dri-Rod or Eva-Dry will pull the moisture out preserving the quality and extending the life of everything inside.

Pistol Holders - Pistol or handgun holsters for gun safes are a one of the most popular safe accessory. Offering both quick access to handguns, a clean look, and easy organization all in one.

Pistol Racks - Free up shelf space in your safe. Choose from the four gun pistol rack or the six-gun rack. Both racks display and organize your pistol collection with ease.

Sack-Ups - Over the past 23 years Sack-Ups has protected millions of guns. Sack-Ups is an American product made product. Sack-Ups are silicone treated gun socks designed to prevent rust and to wick moisture away from your firearm. They provide protection for your firearm in the field or in storage and prevent dings and scratches.

Safe Cabinets - Safe cabinets are a nice added touch for any safe. A safe cabinet provides an organized location for personal items including: jewelry, files, watches, necklaces and other items. Choose from the Stor-it 2 drawer, the Stor-it 4 drawer, or stack them on top of each other.

Other Accessories - This category contains products such as an internal light kit, battery operated clip-on lights, V-Line accessories, The Stor-it Door Pack, A Jewelry Tray, Security Cables, and more.